Ella Takalainen //
// 1.3.2021

How Will Coffee Drinks Look in 2021

In the past few years when we have observed coffee trends, the trend has been leaning more towards of functionalism and precise execution of specialty coffees. These both are definitely here to stay also during this year, but I believe we will see more and more visually driven coffee recipes. What can we expect from the 2021 coffee visuals and over all looks? Here are some my personal favorites on coffee visuals.

One great indication was last years viral social media hit Dalgona Coffee. From coffee professionals’ point of view the drink itself is not that tasty but I can’t deny it tempting appearance. Nice and fluffy texture and silky-smooth layers. What can we expect from the 2021 coffee decorations and over all looks?

Everything pink

Let’s face it, few years back we wanted everything in black but now its all about fresh, soft, and flowery pink that has caught our eyes. In café world this means ruby hot (or cold) chocolates, decorative berry smoothies, cold brew with pink juices or syrups or overall lots of pink decoration such as flowers and berries. Æorn in the first picture is by the way a really lovely inventions it’s a non-alcoholic spirit. So, with this product you can combine two trends from this year: non-alcoholic cocktails and pinkness, highly recommended.

aerncorn pink thing
Photo credit: Æcorn Drinks Instagram account

Æcorn Drinks Instagram

Indulgence and pampering

Making the drinks to look tempting, runny, soft and smooth, some even might say sexy. These drinks are definitely for those who love sweet as making lovely thick layers takes different textures, and normally sweet products work really nicely for this purpose. Also, every possible fluffy topping drop under this category, whether its cream, cotton candy or merengue. Spoonful of dreamy soft topping is definitely something to keep an eye on during 2021.

pampering coffee drink
Photo credit: love_coffee__coctails

love_coffee__coctails Instagram

Fresh and dried Flowers

Dried flowers have been trendy thing in the house decorations for already some time now. And what there is not to like about them? They are long lasting and pretty. Now we see more and more flowers in cocktails and coffee drinks. And it’s just wonderful! One handy tip is to use fruity teas as a decoration, just sprinkle them over your macchiato and voíla! If using flowers make sure that are eatable and non-toxic.

dried flowers on a matcha latte
Photo credit: Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails

Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails Instagram

Surprising elements

We all want to experience something new and be excited. There for the ultimate dilemma of a coffee (and food) lover is that we have already experienced so much. Restaurateurs and product developers must come up with more and more intriguing combinations and ways to serve beverages and food. How does sweetly salty coffee drink with a bit of bacon on side sound like? BTW Our blogger Karkki has made ass kicking recipe of coffee glazed bacon for those who got excited about the combination. Go crazy and try new flavour combos also in the decoration sense.

bacon on coffee
Photo Credit: Ironclad Coffee Roasters

Ironclad Coffee Roasters Instagram

Splash of color:

Cheery color combos and refreshing looking drinks, they truly make drole just by looking at them. Brilliant and bright colors are often associated with health products or having fun. Some of the child-like candy color might be bit intimidating for hard core filter coffee lovers, but there is great demand for this fun and easygoing drinks so that is something coffee owners are good to keep in mind.

coton candy freakshake
Photo credit: Drinks

Drinks Instagram

Perfect ice cubes and liquid nitrogen

There are actually companies specialized in making beautiful perfectly crafted ice cubes to complete your cold coffee cocktails. Check out Nordic Ice Company for inspirations to take your ice game to next level. I guarantee their crystal-clear cubes to make a wow-factor among your customers.

perfect ice cubes
Photo credit: Drinks & Dan

Drinks & Dan Instagram

Liquid nitrogen creates magical mist that is used to decorate drinks or foods. You can order nitrogen that is meant for decoration purposes from gas providers such as Linde/Aga. But as nitrogen is quite extreme product, being -196 degrees, it must ALWAYS handled with extra precaution. But when used with proper instructions and care it creates wonderful effects in different drinks. If you are daring and what to make a dashing effect Nitrogen might be just for you.

liquid nitrogen drink
Photo credit: drinksbyevie

drinksbyevie Instagram