Ella Takalainen //
// 8.10.2019

Most Inspiring Instagram Coffee Accounts

For many of us Instragram is a place to relax and to browse to find new and cool stuff. But for baristas and coffee lovers it can also be place to learn new skills and connect with like-minded people. There is quite a lot of accounts that collect and share pic about certain subject, from those ones one can find lots new account to follow. Bur for me at least following the accounts is also way to show support the people who actually made the content so prefer to check out the whole feed and prefer to follow individual account instead of collections account. I collected few of my favorite coffee account for your inspiration and information. Enjoy! 

Latte art

There is so many latte art account to find by typing #latteart, but for me personally they get a little boring after a while and prefer to see some tips or visual beauty. Here is few of those.

Picture form latteart_anthology

Pour over and recipes

Instagram is a great place to find new recipes for all the brew methods. Just to try something new or to bring out different flavours from coffee you are using. gives really detailed info about competition recipes and the reason why something specific was chosen for. Check it our if you are a Aeropress lover.

Brew Methods
Picture from Brew Methods

Cafes and Other

Barista Daily is a collection account full of this and that but it’s so nicely curated that I’ll make exception for. Even thought I first said I don't like these accounts.  I really like the idea of combining coffee and something else to create visual, funny or curious content. 

Picture from Coffeeandseasons

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