BLOG // // 17.4.2019

Helsinki Coffee Festival 2019: A Gateway to Good Coffee

The biggest coffee event in Finland, Helsinki Coffee Festival was organised fifth time. The event promises to be the biggest pop-up café and largest coffee store in Finland - and that's what it surely is.

Coffee, coffee, coffee

Helsinki Coffee Festival gathers the Finnish coffee roasteries under one roof. There's big roasteries (like us) and small roasteries. A visitor can find plenty of different coffees to taste or to buy. While tasting your way through the festival, one can learn about coffees, origins, roasting etc. - each cup of coffee in this event serves its' purpose: to offer better coffee experience for eveyone.

coffee paulig
Paavo Pykäläinen/Helsinki Coffee Festival

At this year's event, the best filter coffee and the best espresso was also chosen.

Best filter coffee

Best espresso coffee

The best roastery in Finland

Before and during the festival coffee community could vote for the roastery of the year. The best roastery was chosen based on public votes, success in the roastery pitching that was organised at the festival and the points given in the Best Filter Coffee -competition. Robert Paulig Roastery was chosen as the Roastery of the Year. Well done!!!

robert paulig roastery
Originals photos (left): Paavo Pykäläinen/Helsinki Coffee Festival

Best baristas in Finland

SCA Finland organised two coffee competitions during the festival: Cup Tasters and Latte art. The best coffee taster in Finland is Elina
Rahikainen who works at Good Life Coffee and Finnish Latte Art Champion is Jani Huusko who works at Caffi. Both of the winners will represent Finland in World Champions that are organised in World of Coffee -event in Berlin.

barista winners in finland
Originals photos: Paavo Pykäläinen/Helsinki Coffee Festival

Multisensority in Coffee

One theme seems to be popping up in every coffee festival this year: experiences created around coffee and especially multisensory experiences. In Helsinki Coffee Festival one could experience tasting that utilized VR: visitor tasted 4 cups of coffee with different sounds and visuals and by doing so, experienced the taste in different way. One superb experience also in the festival was Coffee Meditation - a moment taken just for coffee. The festival also offered Silent Tea Room where one could experience teas in peace. We are eager to see and try more of these!


Thank you again for a great weekend Helsinki Coffee Festival!
Next time you'll meet us in Tallinn Coffee Festival  26.-27.4.