BLOG // // 26.2.2019

Aeropress Movie: The story from product to phenomena

If you're fan of Aeropress, I'm sure you've heard about this: There's a documentary about AEROPRESS! Read a short review what I thought after watching it.

"AeroPress Movie is a 45-minutes documentary revealing the story of AeroPress - from its inventor's workshop in California to the stages of the AeroPress Championships around the world. It explores what makes people so excited about this odd looking yet iconic coffee maker."

Before I start, let's watch the official Trailer:


The story of Aeropress really is fascinating and it's inspiring how the brains of innovative people like Alan Adler work: there's an urge to fix a problem and the solution is something that brings joy in people's everyday life. The magic of Aeropress really lays in its' simplicity and practical nature. It ain't shiny & expensive but it sure does what it promises: cup full of great coffee!

The documentary tells the story of a product that turns into a phenomena. In the end of the documentary Mr. Adler tells the story when he saw an Aeropress tattoo with a Russian text stating "There's nothing better". Adler smiles and continues that with Aeropress he really got more than he asked: his idea was to design a gadget that makes a good cup of coffee but besides that he got much more - "It's a whole passion", he concludes.

European Coffee Trip's documentary is great: it tells a story that really captures the viewer and it showcases it from two different angles, one being Adam Adler, the inventor, and one the barista community that took the Aeropress and made it their own. The story how the World Aeropress Championships started and how the competition looks today is interesting and very funny as well as Adler's profile as a stubborn inventor who "is a believer of his own way", as James Hoffmann nicely puts it :)

What I especially enjoyed in the documentary:

  • catching storyline
  • barista "guru" comments (e.g. Tim Wendelboe, James Hoffmann)
  • beautiful graphics!!!
  • Adam Adler's attitude: "I try things that I think are not good, maybe they surprise me", he made 35 Aeropress prototypes before the final design
  • #milehighaeropressclub - DIDN'T KNOW IT'S A THING :)

Thanks to European Coffee Trip for giving the opportunity to see the documentary. Well done!

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