Jori Korhonen //
// 5.12.2022

Best Gift Ideas for a Coffee Lover

Is your friend or a loved one a coffee nerd and you would like to buy him/her something coffee related for a Christmas Gift but don’t know what to buy? Here is my guide for the best Christmas gifts for a coffee nerd!


Every coffee nerd needs a grinder and it’s a perfect gift if you that he/she is missing one. Grinders come in many shapes and prices but these three I can recommend in different price categories.

Wilfa Svart Aroma
Wilfa Svart Aroma was my first coffee grinder and it’s still the one if you are looking for bang for the buck. It’s super easy to use and there are clear markings for suggested grind sizes which helps in the start.  

If you are looking for a serious upgrade to your coffee game and don’t want to spend thousands of euros or dollars, Comandante is the one to have. It’s the one that I update to from Wilfa Svart a few years ago. Manual grinder might seem not so practical but the Comandante is really “light” to use and the grinding doesn’t need a big effort. And the grind is phenomenal. It’s so good that you can almost compare it to the most high end commercial grinders that cost ten times as much. Highly recommended!

mahlkönig EK43
Mahlkönig EK43 - every coffee nerd's wet dream!

Mahlkönig EK43
Talking about high end, Mahlkönig EK43 is the highest you can get in the coffee grinder game. Absolute beast, grinding 20 grams in a second and the best grind distribution in the world (=better and sweeter flavors). It’s the one we use in our training facilities and it is trusted by the best baristas around the world. Quality comes of course with a price, but it is worth it if you have the money. 

Pour over -set

coffee drippers and brewers
Kalita Wave, Hario v60, Chemex and Goat Story Gina

Pour overs are an aesthetic and nerdy way to brew filter coffee, so basically just something that every coffee nerd wants and needs. You will get a perfect gift set for a coffee nerd if you pair pour over with a grinder, gooseneck pouring kettle (both needed with a pour over) and a coffee subscription. Pour overs and kettles come in many shapes and sizes but these are the ones I recommend. 

If your coffee nerd already has all the pour overs, it might be a good idea to look into different decanters and jugs where to serve the coffee. At least I am a big fan of beautiful decanters and I love when I get a coffee served aesthetically. I have Kinto decanters at home which I bought from my trip to Tokyo but you might make some good finds in our local flea market as well!

Department of Brewology – barista gear

department of brewology filter coffee not people t-shirt
Filter Coffee Not People - t-shirt by Department of Brewology

If you are looking a gift for a true coffee lover who lives and breathes coffee, these are the ones for him or her! Department of Brewology produces many cool barista related gears such as “Filter coffee, not people” t-shirt, caps and pins. 

pins and cap by department of brewology
Pins and cap by Deparment of Brewology

Coffee Tattoos by KaffeBox

coffee tattoos by kaffebox
Coffee tattoos by KaffeBox

You might seen these in our Instagram and they are a lot of fun if you are not willing to take a real coffee related tattoo. 

Coffee Subscription

A coffee nerd is always looking for new and interesting beans and roasteries so what a better way for him or her than getting a box of fresh beans delivered at their home regularly? Coffee subscriptions are super easy and your coffee nerd will always have fresh beans to brew. If you are located in Europe, these are the ones I recommend. Also many roasteries have their own subscriptions so you might want look into those as well.

Coffee subscriptions have become really popular during last few years so you are able to find them in our own region if you aren’t located in Europe.

High end milk pitcher

Are you looking for a gift to a barista and coffee nerd who is enthusiastic about latte art? Latte art is easier with a good milk pitcher and pitcher come in many shapes and colours. What better than to have a your own signature pitcher a work to impress customers with beautiful latte art patterns. Here are some that I would look into.