Karin Stenbäck //
// 13.6.2017

Glitter Coffee: A Little Sparkle for Your Day!

Have you ever heard about glitter coffee? Well, I'm sure you know that sometimes it’s fun to act like a kid and play with your food or drinks, even though your parents probably told you not to. Edible glitter and food colors are a great and easy way of doing that with coffee. The only thing you need is your imagination and perhaps good music on the background.

Coffee is a serious business like we say all the time, but let’s face it; everybody wants to go crazy sometimes and have fun! Life is too short to be serious. Use your imagination, get your friends together and have a laugh with them. I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it! At least we did, when we had a glitter coffee session with our lovely brand ambassador Paulig’s Paula (Pauligin Paula in Finnish).

act like a kid sometimes
good times with coffee and friends (Paula in the middle with donuts)

Glitter coffee - what do you need?

First and foremost: imagination! Only the sky’s the limit when it comes to glitter coffee. The wilder you get, the more fun you’ll have. To list a few things that will get you started with glitterizing, you need to get:

  • edible glitter 
    glitter to make your coffee pretty
    glitter to make your coffee pretty
  • food colors
  • crazy colorful straws
  • candy
  • sauces/syrups
  • nonpareils
  • donuts
  • cookies
  • crazy/fun mugs or glasses
  • whipped cream
  • and of course coffee and milk! 


Remember, these are just a few examples what to buy, so don’t get caught up only in them. To make wonderful and over-the-top glitter coffee, use colored milks and garnish also your mugs/glasses.

try coloring your milk to make your coffee special
cute straws and colored milk


You can make cappuccinos/caffe lattes or freak shakes, hot or cold drinks, big or small ones and as exaggerated or as composed as you desire. The easiest way to start is just adding glitter to your espresso and then do latte art on top. Simple, but pretty. If you want to be more creative and silly, add different food colors to different milk jugs, steam them to perfection and do latte art. For example tulips look super cute! Freak shakes are one step crazier option, because with them you can do pretty much anything you like. My personal motto is more is more, so why not putting glitter on your face too?! 

why not putting glitter on your face too
glitter to the rescue

These might look like kids' drinks, but trust me, adults are drawn to these too! You might get a sugar overload though, but it’s totally worth it. Anything bright, colorful, exciting and fun is worth trying in life in general. So, how could you resists these?

blue and gold glitter
add crazy colors

whipped cream and glitter


glitter latte art
latte art with food colors and glitter


glitter tulip
simple, but pretty

Making glitter coffee usually gets a bit messy, but at least you had a good time. Nothing can beat that! So, what are you waiting for? Let the glitter coffee mania begin! ;)

you're allowed to make a mess
so messy, but oh so fun!

having fun with coffee and friends


All photo credits to Maria Sojakka.