BLOG // // 28.6.2018

Coffee Trends Move on Waves

Where do coffee trends come from? What are coffee trend waves? The world of trends might sound something like fashion and lush. However, numerous trends can be spotted in everything we do. For example from the way we enjoy our coffee. 

The coffee shop customers are not only ordering “one coffee please”.

Food and Drink Trends

Coffee trends are part of larger entities. Here is how Mintel has categorized the food and drink trends in 2017.

Source: Mintel Global Food & Drink 2017 -report

All this is easily brought to coffee, too.  

Coffee trends are being identified & analyzed  all the time. It is always interesting to take a look back and think what has been hot & cool in the coffee scene during the past years. Furthermore, trend analysis can guide us to the right direction whether we are running a coffee shop, a roastery or say a coffee tool company.

What Exactly Are “Coffee Trend Waves”? 

Here is how Allegra's  World Coffee Portal has put them on the paper:


What is Happening in Coffee Culture Right Now?

Premium products and premium experiences are being provided wider than ever through channels and in locations that might be unexpected, too. The coffee shop customers are not only ordering “one coffee please”, but also participating to the process by choosing the coffee origin, the preparation method and more. All this is going to be the way for the next years, too.  

Global coffee trends in 2018 are about respecting the ingredient and knowing the backgrounds of your coffee, purchasing sustainable and healthy products, being able to grab a cup of coffee or prepare a pot of it in an easy and simple way, being social and finding new experiences. 

And what about the fifth wave? For sure it is emerging little by little. It might not be a global status during this decade but who knows.

Coffee & Food trends go hand in hand

From a Trend to a Permanent Part of Coffee Culture 

Trends are something that come and go but sometimes they stay here for good. Take sustainability for instance. It used to be a third wave trend and nowadays there are less and less people who are not considering their coffee moments from the sustainability point of view behind the product or service.



So coffee trends are turning into mega trends and slowly into coffee culture and lifestyle. Fascinating, huh J? What do you think will be the next big thing in the coffee scene?