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Laura Kietäväinen


I found the world of specialty coffee 7 years ago, and it truly amazed me!

When working as a barista, restaurant manager and coffee trainer I have got an excellent chance to learn about coffees way from crop to cup, how to make a perfect espresso, how to hand brew fresh and fruity aeropress, and how to pour a swan latte art in my cup of coffee.

As I have been working hands on in cafés in the past and leading coffee business, I have good understanding of what it takes for thriving to excellence.

I still have lots of things to learn about coffee – and that keeps me motivated and enthusiast every day.

Fun fact: I have worked in my family’s farm and milking cows!

Coffee superpower: I can notice specific tasting notes from coffee. Whether the strawberry flavor note is fresh strawberry, forest strawberry or maybe strawberry jam.

Favorite coffee destination: Tricky question, so many of those! BUT maybe I choose Copenhagen. Trendy, beautiful cafés, very professional baristas and roasteries.