Paulig Barista Institute
// 3.3.2021

Paulig Barista Institute in Russia Certified as SCA Premier Training Campus

Paulig Barista Institute has been successfully certified by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Paulig’s venue is the third official SCA certified training centre in Russia. With this honorary distinction, Paulig Barista Institute is now authorized to offer professional training courses and to approve its trainees by SCA standards.

Paulig Barista Institute opened inside the Paulig Café&Store in the summer of 2020 in Moscow. Prior to accreditation we offered amateur training for those wishing to gain a better understanding of the art of coffee making. The certification process took almost a year and during that time SCA experts checked that our training room met the organization’s standards in terms of having the necessary equipment and all the parameters of the training room.

paulig cafe & store in moscow
Paulig Café & Store was succesfully opened in the summer of 2020.

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is an international non-profit organization that promotes coffee culture around the world and brings together professionals. SCA has no equivalent all over the world. The organization aims to create an international educational network that offers access to unique coffee knowledge and first class professional competence. We will offer trainings in both the Brewing and the Barista Skills (preparation of coffee with an espresso machine, coffee grinding and workplace creation) modules. Both modules are part of the international professional standard Coffee Skills Program, which is approved and managed by SCA. Authorised SCA Trainers will be able to teach in our training room. There are around 20 people in Russia with AST certification. Two of our trainers in Russia, Dmitry and Daria, will get their AST licences later in 2021 and then we will have five AST licences in total as Jori, Karkki and Mihkel have been AST licenced for few years.

paulig barista institute in moscow
The training room is fit for trainings up to 6 people.

Our training room has become the third officially certified SCA training center in Russia. SCA-certified training centers run Coffee Skills Program courses and have the exclusive right to certify apprentices.

Galina Belousova, General Manager of Paulig Café&Store: "SCA is the only organization in the coffee world that has the right to approve barista education programs. Its work aims to raise the level of professionalism within the coffee industry. An independent evaluation of SCA confirms Paulig's high competence in coffee expertise. We see that a successful career in the coffee industry often starts with the barista profession. I am convinced that Paulig Barista Institute graduates with the acquired knowledges will become professionals in their field and will be able to try themselves in entrepreneurial activities: opening their own coffee shops, local coffee roasting facilities, etc.".

Paulig Barista Institute certification is valid until 2025 and entitles the training centre to run educational events for up to 6 people at the same time in the Barista Skills & Brewing courses.

pbi training room certification