Ella Takalainen
// 1.5.2018

Tallinn Coffee Festival 2018: Vibes and Feelings

Tallinn Coffee Festival was a cool get-together for coffee nerds and geeks. At the festival there was plenty of stands with coffee drinks, snacks and displays of teas - and bags and bags and bags of coffee.


Coffee Festival Season Comes to an End

Spring has been full of coffee festivals and happenings. First in London after in Vilnius and Helsinki and Tallinn Coffee Festival being the last of them. This is a little recap what we saw in Tallinn Coffee Festival last week.

Tallinn Coffee Festival had set up a photo boot for visitors as well as a barber shop. Altogether lots of fun details and beautiful décor. As an old power plant the venue was superb with rustic cables, tubes and wires. Place was full of dark corners, secret little hideaways but also lots of sun beams and cool presentations. See our Instagram to get the picture.


Innovation from Tallinn Coffee Festival

For all the baristas out there the new and exciting products are the main thing to visit the fairs and festivals. Here are some of our favorites from Tallinn. Löfberg, our friend from Sweden, had come up with an alternative for energy drinks in form of caffeine water. Products with no added sugar or preservatives, but with natural juices is cool, right! Flavors were refreshing and natural, but the caffeine kick was a bit surprising.

Paulig Estonia provided us with a new summer treat: cold brew coffee with CO₂ and fresh lemon juice. Having visited an espresso stand after another it was exactly what one needed, something cool and brisk! Probably also an easy entering to the world of cold brew for the newbies. The flavor was lemony yet not too acidic so it was perfect for those hot summer days coming our way soon. Here's the recipe for it, it is developed by our Baltic barista team! You're welcome :)


Lemon cold brew

•    1,25l of cold brew 
•    2,5 l of water
•    2,5 dl 100% lemon juice
•    2,5dl sugar cane syrup
•    C02 - Optional
(you can also use soda water instead of regular water if you don’t have possibly to use CO2 for this recipe.)

Make a batch of cold brew, add juice and cane syrup and mix well. If you are using regular filtered water, mix it and add CO2 or if you are you are using soda water add it last. Don’t mix ready beverage much after adding soda or the Co2 so the drink has maximum bubbles. Enjoy chilled and over ice!

Mjuk Kombucha Company was the new kid in the block with astonishing products. The company had lots of naturally flavored kombuchas that are sold all over Baltics already. Our institute gang totally fell in love with these drinks. They are both good for you and tasty. Plus the design was great.


Over all in the festival the design at most of the stands was super fresh and cool. Especially the packaging for several brands was nice. Really wanted to buy more than I was able to carry. The overall look was very clear and fresh.

The atmosphere and the feeling were very laid back and social. At the Tallinn Coffee Festival one could see lots of pretty and stylish baristas with their beards and man buns – not to mention all the cool gals out there.


See you next year Tallinn Coffee Festival!

Ella Takalainen
The writer is a Training Specialist based in Helsinki