Mihkel Jürimaa //
// 14.6.2017

Tasty Tallinn Coffee Festival 2017

Tallinn Coffee Festival – shortly TLNCF – was held first time this year on April. Festival showed the booming Estonian coffee culture.

Coffee culture in Tallinn can be described as 3rd coffee wave. There are many local micro-roasteries and there is a lot of talk about coffee quality. Sustainable coffee chain is also becoming more and more important. Espresso-based coffee drinks are still popular – especially amongst youngsters – but people are also starting to get into pour over coffees. Taken the buzz around coffee culture in Estonia, the first ever Tallinn Coffee Festival was welcomed with open arms.


TLNCF took place at Tallinn Creative Hub, which is a creative centre in the heart of Tallinn. Tallinn Creative Hub is located in the former building of Tallinn City Central Power Station, which began operating in 1913 and closed in 1979. The place has still industrial vibes with its original giant boilers and brick chimney.

Here are the highlights from the festival.

The biggest trend

Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee were definitely something that caught people’s attention even with the snowstorm outside!

Tallinn Coffee Festival Paulig Cold Brew
Cold Brew straight from the tap – nice even with the spring snowstorm outside!

The most impressing talent

Laura Valli, a young girl who is not a barista in her everyday life, won a first Estonian Aeropress Championship and is going to participate in "2017 World AeroPress Champion" in Seoul, South Korea in November.

Laura Valli Tallinn Coffee Festival
Laura Valli

The biggest star

Marta Piigli. She is a coffee legend in Estonia as she is the champion in Coffee in Good Spirits World Championship. She was a MC for Estonian Latte Art Throwdown and participated in Estonian Cupping Championship where she got scarcely a 2nd place.

Marta Piigli Tallinn Coffee Festival
Marta Piigli


Most interesting competition was probably Estonian Cupping Championship: the two finalists were so even, that it came down to timing only.

And for next year…

In Tallinn Coffee Festival 2018 the aim is to have official Barista Championships. Can’t wait!

Tallinn Coffee Festival 2017