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Nizhny Novgorod Café Guide

During the last decade, coffee culture in Russia has changed gradually, which has affected not only Moscow and Saint Petersburg but also the provinces. Numbers of brew bars and craft coffee shops have appeared all over the country, followed by a growing interest in a high-quality cup of coffee. 

Let’s take a little coffee trip to Nizhny Novgorod, one of the oldest Russian cities, located at the confluence of Russia’s two main rivers: the Oka and the Volga! 

Coffee is a fruit

The starting point of our journey is my favourite craft brew bar with a romantic name: Coffee is a fruit. And, no, that’s not a joke! Varieties of high-quality beans, own roaster, numbers of brewing methods and great barista skills make their coffee fruity and sweet.

You can choose from two locations; both are in downtown in the historical part of the city. The one at Alexeevskaya street is truly small, just six tables, but its cosy, welcoming and home-like atmosphere will make you come again and again. With luck, you can join one of their cupping sessions which are carried out regularly. 

Coffee is a fruit Nizhny Novgorod
Coffee is a fruit at Alexeevskaya 13

The other Coffee is a fruit is located at the main street at the heart of the old town, not far from Kremlin. My tip for this place is to choose the bean and your favourite brewing method, take kartoshka cake – a famous Soviet Union pastry - sit on the window sill with lots of pillows and enjoy the street view with its falling snow, cute dogs and street musicians. They are vegan-friendly and have plenty of non-dairy milks to choose from: coconut, banana, almond… And they also have sugar free desserts!

Coffee is a fruit at Nizhny Novgorod
Coffee is a fruit at Bolshaya Pokrovskaya 2

Coffee is a fruit
Nizhny Novgorod, Alexeevskaya 13
Nizhny Novgorod, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya 2

Verhushka coffee

Just next door to Coffee is a fruit you can find Verhushka coffee. It is a simple, beautiful local coffee place with killing desserts and a wide range of beans from one of the coolest Russian specialty coffee roastery called Tasty coffee. Here you can appreciate attractive aesthetics in everything, from decoration to equipment and accessories.   

Verhushka coffee

Verhushka coffee 
Nizhny Novgorod, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya 2


Temp is one more local place worth talking about. It is a five-minute walk from the embankment of the Volga river. This new specialty coffee shop offers a wide range of beans, freshly roasted on site.

Besides, they put a lot of effort into developing the coffee culture in the city, making different cuppings, organizing training courses and showing movies about coffee origin and production. It’s a nice place to have a good cup of coffee in a modern, cute atmosphere. The best tip is to take your favourite coffee to go and go a few blocks down to enjoy both the coffee and the magic view of the confluence of the two most beautiful rivers!  

Temp cafe
Temp also organizes training courses and cuppings.
Temp cafe
At Temp coffee is roasted on site.

Temp coffee
Nizhny Novgorod, Bolshaya Pecherskaya, 40


Kofevarka is our journey’s last stop. The name Kofevarka means both “coffee in the arc” and “coffeemaker” in Russian. Here the atmosphere and waffle straws with milk jam are fantastic!

Kofevarka coffee

If you are a real lover of the alternative brewing methods, you need to visit this place which is located at an old merchant street next to the harbour. Ask to brew your coffee in Kalita or Bonavita dripper, have a walk down the street toward the bank of the Volga and enjoy the sunset.


Nizhny Novgorod, Rozhdestvenskaya 8B (entrance in the arc) 

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Have a great coffee trip, wherever you go!