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Paulig Café & Store: Finnish Coffee Culture in the Very Heart of Moscow

Paulig Café & Store is a Paulig flagship coffeehouse in Russia, a unique place for coffee lovers, inspired by Finnish Paulig Kulma and a new point on Moscow coffee map with a great coffee, superior food and beverages!

paulig cafe & store

Paulig Café & Store is located at one of the most busy and central streets of Russian capital – never sleeping Myasnitskaya in a historical XIX century building – old mansion of merchant E. Kusnetsov. A big three-storey café includes coffee shop, signature store with exclusive Paulig goods, accessories and Barista Institute. Paulig Café & Store excites you from the first sight:  giant panoramic windows with a perfect view to watch the city life, beautiful four meters tree – a purpleheart, large coffee map and lots of charming details. Some visitors call it a Finnish island in Moscow downtown. 


paulig cafe & store moscow

Stylish design inspired by Scandinavian minimalism was developed by architect Michael Novinsky. Neutral tones, eco-friendly materials such as wood, glass, metal and lots of plants create a unique relaxing atmosphere. It's just a place you would never want to leave. ?

paulig cafe & store moscow

Coffee & other beverages

Of course, coffee is the main hero of Paulig Café & Store. The visitors will appreciate wide range of coffee blends, roasted at a local Paulig coffee roastery in Tver. The main blend is sweet, delicate and silky Paulig Espresso Fosco and every week guests can try the new coffee. Wide choice of brewing methods from espresso and filter to Chemex, cold brew and signature drinks, such as Latte Singapore, based on caramel-lemon souse, meet the tastes of any guest. The coffee card was developed by café manager Elena Gushchina, second place of Russian Barista Championship winner and sensory judge of National Barista Championships for more than 10 years! Besides the coffee, beverage menu includes tea, lemonades, smoothies and juices.


paulig cafe & store fish soup
The fish soup is something you should definitely try out!

Paulig Café & Store is not only about coffee. Wide menu includes breakfasts, lunches, wraps and sandwiches to go and fantastic dining dishes. Menu was developed by famous chef Svyatoslav Panchenko. The main focus is on healthy diet: lots of fruits, vegetables, seafood and fish. Traditional Finnish dishes such as Karjalanpiirakka (Karelian pie) and kalakeitto (fish soup) are café specials.

paulig cafe & store moscow
Karelian pies are the most traditional Finnish food.

Delicious, healthy and perfectly beautiful menu is really worth trying!

paulig cafe & store moscow

Barista Institute

paulig cafe & store barista institute

In addition to the café and store, the site also has Barista Institute, a training facility to facilitate even most professional coffee trainings. The training facility will be SCA certified in 2021 and after that SCA certification courses will be held in there. The training facility will facilitate customer trainings, free lectures, cuppings and master classes in the future. Our russian coffee trainers Dmitry Korsakov and Daria Soboleva will be running the Barista Institute and organizing the trainings. 

paulig cafe & store barista institute


Paulig Café & Store applies sustainable solutions, such as waste recycling, reducing single-used plastic and paper cups to go by offering 30% discount for coffee in guest's own take-away mug. Some elements of interior are made of recycled materials: table numbers from plastic top; bench, table and bin from 50% of used coffee packages soon to be installed in front of café.

paulig cafe & store


Paulig Café & Shop Moscow

Myasnitskaya, 15 Moscow, Russia 101000

Open Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 23:00