BLOG // // 18.5.2017

Coconut Water and Other Tasty Ways to Tweak Your Cold Brew Coffee

How to freshen up your cold brew coffee? It´s actually quite easy because cold brew coffee has many good friends; mint, lemon, lime, soda water, lemonade…

In this blog post I want to share three tasty cold brew recipes with you: I Cee Coconuts, Cold Brew Goes naked and Groovy Cold Brew. I love cold brew coffee because it´s really good as it is (black) but if you want to tweak it a little bit, it´s so easy. If you like milk, you can just make a bit stronger cold brew and add milk (+syrup if you prefer sweeter drink). That is a popular way to enjoy cold brew coffee in coffee shops in Finland.

Cold brew coffee for two

Want to go totally crazy?

Do a cold brew coffee freak shake! You´ll need for example cold brew coffee, coconut milk, vanilla syrup, banana, crushed almonds and ice. Put all those ingredients to a blender and mix them up! Pour the beverage into a pretty glass and garnish with loads of whipped cream + chocolate sauce + banana chips + crushed almonds. The more the merrier :)

But it doesn´t always have to be milk! You´ll also have delicious drinks for example with soda water and lemonade. Believe it or not even some liquors work well with cold brew coffee. We have made for example Cold Brew Rum&Coke, Cold Brew Gin Tonic and Cold Brew Irish Coffee recipes! Check those out from Paulig Professional web site.

But now, let´s get down to business. I promised to share new, exciting and most importantly delicious COLD BREW COFFEE RECIPES with you guys. Here you are:


Coconut cold brew coffee recipe

What you´ll need:

  • 50 ml cold brew coffee
  • 100 ml coconut water
  • Fresh mint
  • Slice of lime
  • Ice

How to do it:

  1. Put fresh mint into a glass (size 2dl) and fill the glass half way with ice.
  2. Squeeze slice of lime. Add coffee and coconut water. Stir.

Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young green coconuts. Coconut water is 95 % water and therefore there are only 19 calories in a 100 ml amount (says Wikipedia). So I guess the super power in this drink is that it is good BUT healthy. Try this if you want your drink to taste absolutely amazing but you don´t necessarily want extra calories.


Cold Brew in blender recipe

What you´ll need:

  • 100ml cold brew
  • 1-2 cl Tate&Lyle cane syrup
  • Ice

How to do it:
Put everything in a blender. Enjoy.

Haha, that´s simple. Best recipes are easy to make and yet tastes like heaven. This one is like that. The less ingredients there are in a drink, the easier it is to serve it in different places: for example fairs or events! With this drink we cut off almost all ingredients leaving only three things: coffee+ice+syrup. If you prefer quick and easy, this is definitely your cup of coffee!


Lemonade and cold brew coffee recipe

What you´ll need:

  • 1 dl cold brew coffee
  • 1,5 dl lemonade
  • lemon
  • fresh mint

How to do it:

  1. Put fresh mint to the bottom of the glass.
  2. Squeeze one lemon slice.
  3. Add cold brewed coffee and lemonade.
  4. Garnish with lemon slices.

Perfect non-alcoholic drink for summer! This drink is made for summer terraces. It is easy to prepare: cold brew coffee has brewed overnight, lemon can be sliced beforehand and so you just add everything into a beautiful glass. This one sells itself after you taste it the first time. Can a coffee drink be perfectly sweet, fresh, nicely acidic…. yes it can. Try Groovy Cold Brew!

I hope you got new recipes and inspiring ideas how to tweak your cold brew coffee. Or you can keep enjoying it as it is: black.
Either way, enjoy! :)